Hello, my name is Rie Kurihara.  I give one-one sessions and MBB courses to women who feel stressed by interactions at home and office.  They take place mainly at cafes at Okurayama Memorial Court or cafes in Yokohama area.  Skype and email sessions are also available if requested.


Over 20 years, I have translated English and Japanese documents and exchanged correspondance with companies overseas.  Meanwhile, experiences to live in the USA, in the UK, and back in Japan were sometimes harsh and overwhelming due to various forms of harassments by people with different values and backgrounds. I was struggling to find a efficient way to detox from stresses in day-to-day life and become more productive.


In 2012, I meet a simple method called Mind Block Buster. It has changed every little frustlation into a chance to cast out another mental blockage. I felt so liberated for the first time after long time then and life became enjoyable again. 


It would be my pleasrue to share this method, and to be of service for anyone who also suffer to cope with stress and looking for a solution.


Rie Kurihara


General Incorporated Association of Mind Block Buster Japan