Mental Block Rewriting

90% of interpersonal problems stem from mental blocks in the unconscious mind.  In my sessions, you can release them in a safe, fast and stress-free way without telling me or re-experiencing traumas. During sessions, you may recall past-life events that created the unconsious blocks . Those ancient blockages can be rewritten in the same way as those in this life-time.  For those who wish to learn how to release blocks by themselves, Mind Block Buster course is also available at the time of your convenience.

  •     10 min trial 1000 yen
  •  2 hour session 12000 yen 
  •  2 hour session + e-mail follow-up  15000 yen
  •  extension 4000 yen/30 min

Flower Therapy Healing

Flower Therapy Healing was created by Robert Reeves, Psychic Naturopath from Australia. Inspired by his method, this session will offer you:


  1. body scan (nutritional and exercise advice),
  2. flower aura cleaning (flower varies by person or season), and
  3. flower card reading  in total 40 min for 4000yen.

Symbol Healing

It is healing of the unconscious mind, DNA, and family line by using Atlantean symbols. Madam Anne Jones from the UK taught me these ancient symbols in 2014. 


  • The session offer you:
  • Release negative effects of other people
  • Release karmas
  • Trauma healing
  • DNA and family healing  

Please choose 2-3 items from the above. 

50min 7000yen