Welcome to Acashic Cafe@Yokohama


  1. We are dedicated to submitting / putting forward the idea that it is possible to rewrite mental blocks in a safe, fast, and stress-free way.
  2. As therapists who engage in people’s mental care, we accept clients non-judgmentally (which does not necessarily mean that we have to like their behavior).
  3. We avoid becoming bogged down in negative emotions, by constantly releasing our own mental blocks.
  4. We are dedicated to spreading the idea of how wonderful life can be if one’s mental blocks are overcome.

What is Mind block buster?

Acashic Cafe is committed to removing clients' mental blocks in 3 minutes per 1 block by touching the hand without probing into traumatic experiences.


These mental blocks reside inth the subconscious mind, and can be rewritten by positive images which already exist. This rewriting method is called "Mind Block Buster" which particularly improves stressful interactions. They often stem from past-live events and their effects which are my speciality.


Personal sessions and courses meet at the time of your convenience .  10-munute trial sessions at healing events and remote mail sessions are also available. 


 Please feel free to contact me. 

 Looking foward to seeing you who is like no other very soon.